eBike Range Calculator

Find your realistic eBike battery range estimate. 

Step 1 | Get your 'Efficiency Score'

First fill out the form to get your personalized score.

The quiz score is your efficiency factor. It's an estimate of your personal watt hours per mile (Wh/mi) energy consumption. 
Plug it into the eBike range calculators below. 

Step 2 | Your Realistic Range

Multiply volts by amp hours, then divide by efficiency score.

eBike Range Calculator

*You'll need to make a copy of the sheet below to edit it*

eBike Range Calculator
This is the estimated distance when your motor will likely cut out and lose power - Not Recommended.Give yourself a 20% capacity cushion.
A higher 'Efficiency Score' means you're likely to consume more energy per mile. 
Keep in mind these are just estimates, every time you ride you'll get different actual results.

For more videos about how to better understand these eBike calculations,

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