eBike Range Calculator

Let's find your realistic eBike battery range estimate.

Step 1 | Get your 'Efficiency Score'

First fill out this quick anonymous form (15 Q's) to get your personalized 'Efficiency Score' in watt hours per mile (Wh/mi).

Nearest guess is fine but if you're unsure, choose the middle answer.

*This is a Beta test - please give us your feedback so we can tweak it*
This factor is an estimate of your personal watt hours per mile (Wh/mi) energy consumption.
You can then plug it into the eBike range calculators below to get a more realistic estimate of your bike's range or figure out how much battery capacity you'll need. If you want Wh/km you'll just need to convert your score from Wh/mi. Divide your score by 1.609. (Ex: 15 / 1.609 = 9.3) This form does collect anonymous information, but we will not sell it or use it for evil. Also if you're interested, you can see the response averages by clicking the 'See previous responses' link under your 'view score' button.

Step 2 | Now find your realistic expected range

Multiply your volts by amp hours, then divide by your efficiency score.

How far can your eBike battery take you?

This is the estimated distance when your motor will likely cut out and lose power - Not Recommended!Give yourself a 20% capacity cushion.
Convert mi to km by multiplying by 1.609

Buying or building an eBike, but need to see what size battery pack you should get?

Multiply your desired range by your efficiency factor.

... then convert the battery capacity from watt hours (Wh) to amp hours (Ah)

Divide it's watt hours (Wh) by it's voltage (V)

A higher 'Efficiency Score' means you're likely to consume more energy per mile.

Don't be disappointed by a high score though... electricity is much cheaper than gas. Most eBike battery packs cost less than ten cents to fully charge, whereas the average ICE sedan uses over 10 cents of gas per mile.

Feel free to play around with your responses and see how each consumption factor affects eBike range. Keep in mind these are just estimates, every time you ride you'll get different actual results.

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